How Do Points Work On A Dartboard

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Throwing distances and heights have varied over the years and today different leagues still use a different measurement. I have listed below the standard measurements used. However, I am sure others will say we play from x distance different from what I have stated. I know some ladies leagues do use shorter throwing distances but this is not true for official competition i.e. WDF, BDO competitions.

An important distinction while taking the measurements is that the distance is always measured from the front of the dartboard. Dartboards have variable levels of thickness as such measuring from the wall could obscure measurements.

Whether you’re playing darts at a professional or at a recreational level, following the rules of darts as stipulated by the various governing bodies is very critical to your success. Due to this reason, dartboard height and dartboard measurements distance most darts enthusiasts have been left with an enormous assignment revolving around this game such as determining how high is a dart board.

The reason he organized the dartboard as such is to penalize misses. You’ll noticed that larger numbers like the 20 are surrounded by smaller numbers like the 1 and 5. This is not coincidental. Brian organized the numbers in this fashion to penalize failure.

Once your dart board is completely set, it is better to measure the distance from bullseye to the throwing line to make sure that all measurements are correct. If this distance is 9 feet and 6 inches then Bravo! Your dart board is set correctly. The distance from the bullseye to the ground can be measured as 115.35 inches, 2.93 meters or 293 centimetres.

Your shoulder and body movement: When making a throw, you should not move your shoulder and body. Keep them fixed and move only your arm. Only raise your elbow a little when the dart accelerates, keep it fixed on returning your hand.

From there on, dart board dimensions basically slide your dartboard with the goal that the screws fit into the U-formed space. The dartboard ought to sit cozily on your support with practically no development by any stretch of the imagination. In the event that there is some development, fix your middle screw onto the board and slide it back onto its sections. Fix the screws with the perfect measure of torque so your board doesn’t turn. 

They make this mistake because they read online that the throwing distance is 7 feet 9¼ inches. They then measure from the wall back 7 feet 9¼ inches and think yep, that’s great.

The difference comes in at how the dartboard is hung. This measurement was actually proposed by a fellow by the name of Russ Strobel. His argument is that the hanging distance of 5 feet 8 inches was determined from the average height of the English male at the time.

All of these sections have significance to the game of that’s because they’re used to assign points. The outer bull is worth 25 points. The bullseye or inner bull is worth 50 points and official dartboard is seen as the double for dartboard measurements the outer bull. Like how the numbers 1 to 20 have doubles and dart board measurements trebles. The bullseye is the double for dart board size the outer bull of 25. This number stays the same for most dart games.

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