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What's a digital safe box? A digital vault differs from a storage house in that the info that's saved there (paperwork and a few meta information) is just accessible to the holder of the vault, and to any persons whom he/she may have mandated. What's the purpose of the digital safe box privateness seal? The privateness seal certifies the quality of service of the digital safe box and its respect for the confidentiality and integrity of the data saved in it. What will we imply by "operator" of the digital safe box? The operator is the particular person or entity that implements a digital safe box. It ensures the operational functioning of the system and the associated safety measures. It additionally assumes the role of service supplier to individuals and may make the request for the certification in its name. What do we imply by "supplier" of the digital safe box? The supplier of the digital safe box service is the authorized entity that gives this service to users who are pure individuals. Who can apply for the digital safe box privacy seal? Service-suppliers who implement a digital safe box service (operators) or propose one to customers (suppliers) might apply for the privacy seal. The request could subsequently be made jointly by the operator and its buyer (the supplier). If it performs the position of supplier of the service to private individuals, the operator alone could make the request for the privacy seal in its name. What is meta knowledge? Meta knowledge is data that's used for describing or managing stored documents. Solely meta information created by the person and associated to a document (such because the doc identify) is worried by the CNIL's normal. Are all of the requirements mandatory? Yes, the 22 requirements are cumulative. Do all of the necessities relate each to the operator and the provider? No, not all. Some necessities apply each to the operator and the supplier, however a few of them are the accountability of one or the opposite.

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